EuroBLECH 2021

26a Fiera Internazionale Tecnologica della Lavorazione della Lamiera

9 – 12 marzo 2021 | Hannover, Germania

InspecVision Ltd

Newtownabbey, Regno Unito

Padiglione 12, Stand F160

Profilo Aziendale

InspecVision was formed by sheet-metal manufacturers in 2004 to create a complete sheet-metal inspection and reverse engineering solution.

The system can automatically inspect or reverse-engineer sheet-metal parts at every stage of production, flat, folded, welded or assembled.
Flat parts are measured with their Planar machine which takes up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds. The measurements are then automatically compared to a CAD file to create the inspection report.

For folded and assembled parts InspecVision developed the OptiScan. “It is the only 3D scanner in the world which can measure surfaces and edges in 3D. 3D edges are critical when measuring sheet-metal parts as their geometry is mostly defined by their edges, not by their surfaces.” (Dr Jan Antonis – Managing Director, InspecVision.)

Available in a range of flexible configurations, the Planar and OptiScan integrate to create the most complete sheet-metal inspection solution on the market.

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InspecVision Ltd

InspecVision Ltd