EuroBLECH 2020

26a Fiera Internazionale Tecnologica della Lavorazione della Lamiera

27 – 30 Ottobre 2020 | Hannover, Germania


Arena Po, Italia

Padiglione 16, Stand F42

Profilo Aziendale

Founded in 1984, LI-BE produces special bearings, by
dimension and execution, for different industrial
The range of production includes bearings, rollers and complementary articles (slides and plates ) used in the
sector of internal goods handling, sheet metal levellers machines, hot & cold rolling mills, painting machinery, power transmission units, ball screw support units, rotary tables for machine tools, etc.
LI-BE can provide solutions and projects which are suited to customers’ specific requirements.

Prodotti e Servizi

- Back-up Rolls for levellers machines
- Hot & Cold Rolling Mills' Bearings
- Conveyors Track Rollers
- Rollers For Coils Conveyors Chains
- Combined Bearings for Steel sections
- Chain Pulleys
- Yoke Type Track Rollers
- Stud Type Track Rollers
- High Precision Bearings for Ball Screw Support' Units
- High Precision Bearings for Rotary Tables

EuroBLECH Categorie Prodotti

  • Elementi e componenti macchine


Mr. Massimiliano BADENCHINI
LI.BE s.r.l.
S.S. 10 - Località Fabbrica, 46
27040 Arena Po (PV)

Tel: +39 0385 272419
Fax: +39 0385 272478

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