EuroBLECH 2021

26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

9 – 12 March 2021 | Hanover, Germany


Vittorio Veneto, Italy

Hall 27, Stand E135


The high technological content of the product has allowed SANGIACOMO PRESSE to become a leading company in the production of C-frame and straight-side eccentric mechanical presses, thanks to a strong experience in the world market in more than 60 years of activity.

The whole production, carried out in the premises of Vittorio Veneto, allows a high quality control for every single component, as a guarantee to the product. The reliability and the applied technologies have allowed SANGIACOMO PRESSE to develop a wide range of products and solutions for metal deformation, like stamping, shearing and deep drawing.

Products & Services

The C-frame presses that we propose are on one side without intermediate reduction between the drive shaft and the eccentric shaft for stamping and blanking uses, a high speed with a higher productivity allows also small deep drawings. On the other side with use of an intermediate wheel-pinion gear system and high tonnage.

Straight side presses have a strong and solid machine characteristics, with single or double connecting rod solutions and working tables with big dimensions.

Our production boasts an extended collection of optional devices and customizations that could satisfy each production requirement.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Forming technology
  • Flexible sheet metal working technology

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Mr. Tobias Prataviera
Via A. Meucci, 14-18
31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV)

Tel: +39 0438 500019
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