EuroBLECH 2020

26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

27 – 30 October 2020 | Hanover, Germany

STARMATIK S.R.L. Uninominale

Spresiano, Italy

Hall 12, Stand B20


Starmatik is undoubtedly one of the world leading companies to refer on, in the field of automated sheet metal working processes such as bending, laser loading and unloading, sorting, grinding, welding, handling in general and special systems. Founded in 1996, Starmatik has designed, built and installed almost 1000 systems worldwide, most of which are featuring one or more industrial Robots. Starmatik proposes solutions for the most varied applications, offering a complete and high quality service, tailored to the specific requests of the buyer.

Thanks to the high know-how gained in these years by its specialists, Starmatik is able to meet any specific need of automation, developing the project in all phases, taking care of its finalization possibly with a functional acceptance test to be performed in Starmatik’s premises which goes before the delivery and final acceptance of the system "turnkey" at customer’s.

Products & Services

Study, construction, trading and service of robotic and customized systems for bending, sorting, handling grinding, welding or for loading / unloading systems for lasers or punching machines with possible tower / warehouse.
Systems already prepared for Industry 4.0 like for instance FBS systems (flexible bending systems) which are robotized bending systems that can operate in complete autonomy starting from a work list with several product codes and making all necessary changes to the press brake tooling to switch from one code to another. Robotic sorting system for one or more lasers with sheet and skeleton loading and unloading and possible connection to a sheet storage system.

EuroBLECH Product Categories

  • Sheet metal, semi-finished and finished products (ferrous/non-ferrous)
  • Handling technology
  • Separation technology
  • Forming technology
  • Flexible sheet metal working technology

Contact Details

Roberto De Nardi
STARMATIK S.R.L. Uninominale
Via Tagliamento, 1 - 31027 Spresiano (TV) ITALY

Tel: +39 0422 722964

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