EuroBLECH 2020

26a Fiera Internazionale Tecnologica della Lavorazione della Lamiera

27 – 30 Ottobre 2020 | Hannover, Germania

Vernet Behringer

Dijon, Francia

Padiglione 12, Stand F85

Profilo Aziendale

One of the worldwide leading manufacturers of machines for structural steel and plate fabrication VERNET BEHRINGER has always been heavily investing in R&D to provide a complete range of products adapted to your needs to face the challenges of a growing market; combining innovation, high productivity, robustness and simple utilization at an optimum usage cost.
With a consolidated alliance since 1995 with the German group Behringer, pioneer and worldwide leader of band sawing machines for the metal industry, VERNET BEHRINGER is part of an international network with more than 50 offices, agents and subsidiaries around the globe. Thus we guarantee a proximity support for all our customers.

Prodotti e Servizi

VERNET BEHRINGER offers a wide spectrum of production lines exclusively dedicated to Structural steel fabricators, Steel stock holders, and transmission towers specialists.
Our range of CNC machines covers all the crossed combinations of punching, drilling, sawing, shearing, marking, plasma/oxy cutting ...for any type of steel profiles ( H-I-U as well as welded beams), angles and plates (thin and thick ones).
VERNET BEHRINGER is also innovating in full automatic lines that can work without any operator, with smart systems such as tool wear and breakdown supervision, real-time alert reports, smartphone apps etc…

EuroBLECH Categorie Prodotti

  • Tecnologia flessibile di lavorazione della lamiera


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